Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow…not as good as I predicted.

It’s Friday!!! That’s right, weight-loss-watchers…its weigh-in day!!! I’m hoping to make double figures again but we’ll find out in a few seconds. First, I just wanted to say that my relationship with the bathroom scale is going very well. Last week I could hardly stand to walk by the fool-thing without sneaking a peek at my progress, but this week, I’ve only been tempted a few fleeting times to check my weight in secret. I’m not saying that it’s a grievous sin to weigh in every day, but I don’t think it’s good to micro manage to the point that you’re jumping on there after every workout and every meal.
Well, it’s time to make the short pilgrimage to the bathroom. Remember, my all-time high was 371, my weight at the onset of this leg of my journey was 346.7, last week I was 331.3 and my weight today is…drum roll please…ouch! You’re leaning this as I am…my current weigh is 325.9??? Wow…not as good as I predicted. I had fantasies about skipping the 320’s altogether. But, it’s still a loss of 5.4 lbs! And I was never hungry all week (except at bedtime…which is how it should be). But then again, I can do much better on my cardio and free-weights, and I will do better this week, but I also need to remember that this is the month of December for crying out loud! I could have easily gained 20 lbs over the last two weeks rather than losing 20. So life is still great!
So far, my eating has been perfect, but I’ve pretty much sucked at exercising. To help me get it done, I’m going to post all of my physical activity each night as part of my blog. If you ever catch me not posing it, or not exercising enough…please call me on it! Organized cardio and free-weights is the next piece of my weight loss puzzle and I’ve been neglecting it big time….until now. Please let me know that you expect an exercise log from me every day! I usually don’t post twice on Fridays, but I WILL make a brief post tonight to report today’s cardio and etcetera. DON’T LET ME FORGET!!!


  1. Let us also remember that those who get double digits every week on The Biggest Loser work out six hours a day!!! It's not reasonable to expect the same of ourselves. Six pounds a week is an EXCELLENT way to get through December! Way to go, Brent:)

  2. Thanks Tina. Things really are going well.