Monday, December 21, 2009

Time to adjust my game plan

For exercise today, I hiked the big hill and ran part of the way. I wish I could say that the stress on my vitals was exhilarating but I‘m not quite there yet. Before bed, I’ll hit the Cardio-Glide and do several sets of crunches and leg lifts.
It may be time to adjust a minor detail of my game plan. I’ve only been weighing myself once per week because I heard of a guy who did it that way and it seemed like a great plan for me as well. Besides, I figured if it’s a good enough policy for the Biggest Loser then it ought to be good enough for me…but now I am rethinking it. The Biggest Loser does it that way for showmanship and the other guy I knew does it as a way to maintain the weight he has already lost. The reason I am thinking of weighing more often, at least for now, is because I want more immediate feedback on how my health choices are affecting my body. If I’m doing something that’s going to “tank” my weight loss for the week, I’d rather find out right away and fix it. Let me know what you think. I suppose that if I do weigh more often, I’ll still only post it on Fridays. After all, we’ve got to have some drama, right?


  1. I have been weighing every day, but I can see why it wouldn't be healthy. If I gain, I am grumpy, if I lose I am happy. It seems a little obsessive compulsive, I guess. However, I do think that seeing the number go up is a good motivator to get with it. I read a book called "Thin Within," and she said get rid of the scale altogether and just "feel" how you are doing. Hmmmm....I'm not quite to that point, I'm afraid. I'm not one for suspense. I'd just rather know where I stand. There have been times when I have weighed several times a day, and that is a definite NO, but once a day suits me for now.

  2. if you weigh yourself everyday though you could be getting an inaccurate reading. Why don't you do like twice a week Or even three times? What about a day that you feel you have worked out harder than normal, or ate even better than usual, and the number on the scale dosen't reflect it for a few days? Thats depressing. You generally know how your choices thoughout the day are affecting your body, so why not let the lbs. build up and have a more satisfying feeling every couple of days. You know if you fall off the wagon you've got to kick your own butt the next day. You don't need the scale to tell you that.