Friday, December 18, 2009

Exercise report for the day.

Okay, after posting that I’d done a lousy job at working out these past few weeks, I had more than a few of you call me to repentance. One good friend, after giving me a brief but scathing rebuke said, “Sorry to go all ‘Jillian’ on you, but you needed to hear it!” He was right. I did need to hear it. So as promised, here is my exercise report for the day. I did three sets of fifty on my Cardio-Glide, three sets of 15 crunches, three sets of 10 leg lifts, and I walked as fast as I could up and down the steepest hill in Nephi (not sure on the distance, but if was a good huff for a big ol’ boy like me) and my heart thanked me for all of it…and now I’m thanking you for your encouraging me to step it up. From now on, my blog won’t mean anything unless I report to you about my exercise and eating. PLEASE HOLD ME TO THAT!!!


  1. Good for you! I haven't approached exercise yet. I'm afraid I'm going to need someone to push me out the door and throw my sneakers at me! It doesn't have to be the perfect workout, right? I guess some exercise is better than no exercise. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. GO BRENT!! Earn some muscle to help burn those calories! (It's like having a built-in extra helper to meet your goals. ;)