Saturday, December 5, 2009

This weight loss blog has been so amazing!

Unbelievable! This weight loss blog has been so amazing and it’s only just getting revved up! It was hard…and still is hard to make all of this public but I can't believe how having you involved has made me feel so much stronger. I still have the usual temptations to eat things I shouldn’t, but almost automatically, I think of this blog and of you who are following along and I remain in control. I’ve never felt this level of commitment towards my heath. Your emails, phone calls, and comments about my posts lift me higher than you can imagine, higher than I could have ever guessed.
I was alone last night and much of today. Normally, I would have used my solitude as an opportunity to chow down like crazy but it turns out that I wasn’t really alone. YOU ALL WERE THERE. Tonight I went to a friend’s 50th wedding anniversary party. Was there cake, chocolate, and nuts? Yes, but YOU WERE THERE too. I traded the cake and chocolate for another tiny nut cup and still enjoyed myself. Now this is not to say I am never going to eat cake or chocolate, especially at parties, but when I do, I will have planned it in advance. I will plan to “feast responsibly” at all Christmas parties this year. With you in mind, I’ll put less on my plate, eat slower, and my reward will be an instant feeling of being in control and I won’t be too stuffed to drive home afterwards.
Please keep sending your support and even your recipes. Some of you have sent heath related web links and those are great too. If you see a health segment on the news, please tell me about it. And for those of you (you know who you are) who have committed to taking better care of yourselves as well, stay the course and let me know how you are doing.
Remember, I am the one who opened the floodgates here so don’t hold anything back. I’ve let myself go to the point that everyone who knows me must have at one time or another wished they could say something to me about my weight. Well, now here is your chance and I will accept it with welcome arms. The only way I will fail at this is if I get to thinking I’m alone. If I ever don’t post, I hope you will call me on it. I am begging you to “come down on me”.
Well, thanks again for helping me have such a great day! Until tomorrow, feast responsibly.

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