Monday, January 31, 2011

Make the most of it

Well, I know you’ll never believe this but I’m back online. I have to be back! I worked out a deal with the local fitness center and we traded some of my marketing skills for a 3 month gym membership. It’s a great place to exercise and they have all sorts of equipment and classes but for the past few weeks I’ve just been using the treadmill. It’s nice to have a jogging course that’s not covered in ice and snow.

It’s been a while since I jumped (more like lumbered) onto the scale and to tell you the truth, I almost don’t dare. To think that I weighed less than 300 lbs by this time last year and now I am probably right back up to where I started totally freaks me out. I’m thinking I’ll hit the scales in a week and see how bad my weight gain really is.

Lots of you have commented that you miss reading my blog, and believe me, I’ve missed writing it and my increased waistline has really missed the commitment I feel when I blog. Please wish me well and I’ll wish you the same. It’s a New Year and a new day lets all please make the most of it!