Monday, December 7, 2009

Believe that it's out there waiting!

Can I just say that I feel great? I mean really really great! Already! That’s the coolest part about your body. It’s like my organs were just “dying” (literally) for me to start doing something healthy so they could reward me with an extra dose of exuberant zip. I think the biggest weight loss deterrent for most big people is that we feel overwhelmed. We have so much weight to lose that it seems impossible, especially when you don’t feel like waddling across the street, let alone doing any serious exercise. You step on the scale and realize how much weight you must lose to be considered skinny, and you know from past failures that you’ll never be able to diet long enough to even make a dent in your problem. The motivation to reach your target weight gets lost in the sheer amount of time it’s going to take to become thin.
The good news is, like I indicated above, your body is just waiting to reward you with an almost instant boost of energy and improved self-concept. You begin to feel better about everything day by day. Sure the grand prize is how great you’ll feel when you’ve reached your ultimate goal, but the door prizes along the way are enough to keep you going and you don’t have to be considered skinny to win them…just skinny-er. I love horses, but I never ride anymore. I love to get out and hunt, but I never get far from the truck. These are activities that you don’t have to be lean to enjoy but I do need to be lean-er first. I guess what I am finally starting to figure out is that as I become healthier; I will get my life back, probably in the order that my poor heath took it away. Maybe the last thing that I lost is the first thing I’ll get back. I might not even notice some of the earlier milestones but as I venture on, I will have some great “paydays” along the way. It will be like finding fifty-bucks on the ground, only better, because I would then be healthy enough to repeat the activity whenever I want. Think of that! A residual fifty-bucks always lying on the ground for me to pick up!!! Who wouldn’t finish a journey where there was that kind of incentive all along the way? None of us! We just need to believe that it's out there waiting!
Well, that’s it for today. Thanks again for all of your comments. Make a few as you can, it’s the only way I will ever know you’re really there.
PS Anyone know how many calories a big guy like me might burn after five laborious hours of shoveling snow? It was a heck of a workout for a big ol’ boy I know that. Plus we’ve got lots more snow on the way. I was due for a good workout today because that is the next piece of the heath puzzle I need to pay more attention to. I’m working out a bit each day, but I need to kick it up a few notches.


  1. Beautiful thoughts. I counted the snow shoveling as my workout today!

  2. Thanks Tina. Looks like Mother Nature will be providing tomorrows workout as well! Cheers!

  3. Awesome comments Boz. It gives me hope. I've been down in the dumps for a while, and I KNOW I will feel better about myself mentally, emotionally, etc, if I get out and do some physical exercise. My motivation is sooo low. I tell myself, "tomorrow morning I'm gonna do it!"....and I don't do it. Repeat that day after day. I'm tired to get on the scale and see the numbers going up. I'll use excuses like, "Well, it's Thanksgiving and way I'm gonna be able to do anything at this time of year...
    Thanks for sharing the hope.


  4. Sonntag,
    Thanks for your post! You're the man. I know what you meant about "tomorrow". "Tomorrow" is the greatest work saving devise ever invented. Keep me posted on your progress and I'll do the same.