Monday, December 28, 2009

My being pulled over by fleet of State Troopers pointing shotguns at me

The weather outside is frightful, but it’s not nearly as horrifying as the case of mistaken identity that ended with my being pulled over by fleet of State Troopers pointing pistols and shotguns at me on Christmas night. My family and I were stopped by police on I-15 near Payson while traveling home from a Christmas party just after dark. I was ordered via loud speaker to keep my hands visible, shut off the vehicle, unbuckle my seatbelt, and open the car door…and remember; I’m supposed to be doing all of this while keeping my hands visible. Imposable, Right? Once out of the car, I was commanded at gunpoint to walk backwards with my hands up until it was time for me to get face down on the ground, spread eagle, without a coat while I waited to get tazed, or cuffed, or whatever it was the officers had in mind.
In the end, it turns out that a carless or possibly even malicious tipster that was driving behind me called 9-1-1 and misinformed the Highway Patrol dispatcher that I was holding a person at gunpoint in the backseat of my truck. Of course I was not. The passenger in question was my mother and the so-called pistol could only have been the cell phone I passed to her because she wanted to make a Christmas phone call. One by one, some of the officers slunked back to their cars and drove away. After 20-30 minutes I was eventually let off the frozen pavement, un-cuffed and sent home. There was no apology and very little explanation as to why this had happened.
I find it an absolute atrocity that right here in America that one anonymous person can make a phone call and get innocent people into such a life threatening predicament.
I know that this will seem strange but I have not been myself since this happened, though I am feeling better about it all today. We did not open our Christmas presents until the night of the 26th and then it was only because we had to. As far as posting to my weight loss blog, everything has taken a back seat to my wrangling the phones with police, trying to find some answers. No luck so far. They really don’t have a lot of accountability. Problems are handled internally whenever possible.
Sorry that my absents gave everyone such a scare. I will start posting happier blogs tomorrow.
PS I’ve been in contact with the TV media and they would love to put this police story on the prime time news. I am wondering if it’s the only way to get the police to cooperate with me in my quest for the dash cam video and other recordings related to my case. Tell me your opinion. Should I let the news run the story or do you all think it best to just let it all blow over?


  1. Oh my goodness! I apologize for ragging on you about not blogging!!!! What a horrible experience!

  2. You should have the right to know exactly why you were stopped and detained. I understand why officers would do a felony stop, but when it's obvious they have made a mistake they should at least be able to satisfy you as to why and any other details you would like to know.
    I hate to suggest officers can't stop a suspect the way they deem most safe for them and the suspect, but they did not need to leave you on the ground for twenty minutes and you deserve to know why!

  3. Absolutely outrageous, and very frightening! Did they go after the caller who called in a false claim? I can understand that you are traumatized. I'm so sorry that happened to you. If one of those officers had gotten skittish, you might have been killed! I'd tell them if they can't give you answers, you will go public and hire an attorney to get the information for you.

  4. Officer safety is critical in todays world. All of their actions seem to be reasonable up to the point where an apology was deserved. The police have an understood responsibility to garner and maintain the trust of law-abiding citizens. In any case you have a legal right to the video made of you. The media may get it for you or an attorney can. I would do it quickly before it is destroyed.