Saturday, December 19, 2009

My very first jog in 2009!

Today was packed with getting ready for Christmas, then I got in such a great writing grove that I darn near blew off my exercise, but fearing the recourse from my support group I went out for my very first jog in 2009! Well, I guess you could call it a jog/walk. I walked a few blocks to get warmed up and then I jogged a block and walked one, repeating the process until I’d gone 1.2 miles. It felt good to blow out the windpipe…and boy was I blowing. When I was 19 years old, I’d worked my way up to running 91 miles per week. After my mission I got up to about 25 per week. Today’s 1.2 was a far cry from my athletic prime but by spring I should be well on my way to my former cardiovascular glory.
I have to admit, I didn’t eat as good today. I did not go over on calories, but I ate them in three meals instead of 5 or 6…and, I might have snuck one of those one-inch by one-inch cheesecake squares like they have at Costco and Sam’s. It was the first unplanned treat I’d eaten since this whole thing began. Not the worst thing in the world but the slip up scared me a little. That’s why I had to be sure and hit the streets tonight even though it was cold, and dark, and the roads were icy. To slack off twice in one day would go a long ways towards my physical fitness demise.
Tomorrow is the big family Christmas party and there will be festive foods. I plan to eat some of them…but I will feast responsibly and then blog a detailed report for your scrutiny. I am going to be very careful during the Holidays but I still plan on partaking within reason. I was tempted to boycott all Holiday foods but I finally decided that it was not the Holidays that got me in such lousy shape. My problem was that I ate nearly every meal like it was a grand celebration, and then I sat on my butt day-in and day-out, letting it all turn to fat.
Well, wish me luck and I wish you the same! Merry Christmas and remember to feast responsibly!


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  2. Good job with your first jog this year.... your numbers will go up again with the amount of miles that you do.. But your doing great... holidays are the hardest time to do this!

  3. Hey, great minds think alike. Only I did mine at the church. I walked briskly around our church gym for 30 minutes, with one lap jogged every five minutes (a total of 6 jogged laps). Then I stretched while my kids entertained me with an impromptu show on the stage. It felt good to move! I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for not wanting to be left behind in the quest for a better, healthier life!. High five for the first jog of 2009--mine and yours!

  4. Thanks to the both of you for your comments!

    Rachel, that's awesome. And now that the pageant is in June we'll have time to enter the Ute Stampede Fun Run in July!!!

  5. Thanks for you blog Brent.. It has helped me want to get back into running.. I ran/walk two miles today; and I feel great!!