Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After all, next time it could happen to you.

What a great day! Went for an hour-long walk this morning. I took the little dumbbells again. Not only do those suckers get heavy after a while, but their hanging from my hands reminds me to move my upper body as I walk. I had a hard time eating my 5 or 6 squares again today. But I ate some killer fish and a mess of sweat potatoes for dinner. Excellent.
I’m going to weigh-in tomorrow as I will be bringing in the New-Year out of town come Friday morning. I’m not sure what the scales will say but I still feel much slimmer and certainly much healthier than I did at the onset of my journey. To think that a food worshiping guy like me lost even an ounce of pudginess during December is awesome, but if I can keep the pudge-loss at around 20 lbs, that is truly cause for celebration. You all think the big party tomorrow night is about ringing in the New Year, but it’s about those of us who left 2009 as better, stronger people. Thanks to you, I’m in that category and 2010 better hold on tight!
Tomorrow is important for another reason. KSL is going to swing by in the morning and interview me about the police incident. I’m not going on TV to bawl about why this happened to me or to complain about being left to lay in the cold for a few minutes, nor am I going on a witch-hunt after police officers who were just doing their job. This is about securing basic rights for innocent people.
KSL has petitioned the highway patrol for a copy of the 9-1-1 call, all radio transmissions about my family, and the dash-cam-video of the incident. If they get it, they’ll be doing better than you and I if we were to try on our own. People who have gotten lawyers don’t have much luck getting the police to answer them either. That’s why we chose to work with the press. I am sure all will go fine and KSL will put together a very fair story. From there, I hope for the opportunity to bend-the-ear of someone from the State Legislator to learn if we can draft a simple bill that gives better recourse for the wrongfully accused. Wish me luck and try not to laugh to hard when the dash-cam footage shows me kissing the pavement! After all, next time it could happen to you.

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  1. Brent you are so funny! I don't think you should have ever hit the pavement! A simple pat down and search should have cleared up any questions. Your blog is awesome