Monday, January 11, 2010

You’re jeans call ‘em like they see ‘em…every time!

Geez, looks like another uneventful day in Slimmerville. I had a great indoor walk this morning. I pushed myself pretty hard for an hour and really could have kept it up a lot longer but I ran out of time. Can’t wait for it to warm up, even if it’s just a bit, so I can do my trekking outside. I’ve also come to the realization that I need some heavier weights to lug around. Sounds like a trip to “Wally-World” is in order.
I guess it’s pretty good news that I wore a pair of pants last night that I hadn’t been able to shimmy into for almost a year, same with the shirt. The scales don’t always get it right, but you’re jeans call ‘em like they see ‘em…every time!
I’m thinking about shifting to a temporary “raw food diet” but (A) I’m not sure I can do it, (2) I’m not sure it’s even that great heath-wise, and (III) AM I FREAKING CRAZY? Maybe…but, I would be interested in your feedback and information concerning any raw food diet plans that you may be aware of. I’m thinking of “going raw” for at least a week, but maybe 30 days. Hook me up with your input…I’m wide open on this subject, so come on…fess-up.


  1. Raw is good. If you can't do it and go back to regular, you haven't lost anything by trying. You can only get enzymes from raw food. That faded look people get as they age is due to lack of enzymes.

  2. Dr Ozz had a show about it the other day. He recommends it. I bet you can find info on his website. I was thinking its sounded like a great idea and like previously stated you can't lose anything (or show I say you CAN lose)by trying.

  3. I've researched this extensively, and I once did a 15-day raw food and juice "cleanse" during the summer when the garden was at its peak. It included herbs and garlic and olive oil--foods that build health and kill the bad stuff in your body--and lots of distilled water. I have a top of the line juicer that helped me along. I should have done it a whole 30 days. I lost 18 pounds in those 15 days. My skin had just started to take on a glow it hadn't ever had, and I felt great. Most of the people I've read about say it is a life-changing thing when they do it. My program came from American Botanical Pharmacy, Dr. Richard Shultz.