Thursday, January 7, 2010

It’s a 12,000 calorie culinary miracle…

Today was known as “The Day of Salads”! I foraged a tuna, lettuce, and veggie salad for lunch and a bean and lean beefy taco-type salad for dinner. Both were very tasty and I hope healthy. You know what they say about most taco-salads with all the salty sauces, sour cream, and that deep-fried eatable tortilla bowl. “It’s a 12,000 calorie culinary miracle…but is it healthy? You bet! It’s a salad!” Hopefully mine was a bit less than 12,000 calories (More like around 300) but it did taste pretty good as far as protein-laden “shrubby” is concerned.
Tomorrow is the big weigh in. It will be fun to see where I’m at. I had to have gained a fair amount over New Year’s weekend but as long as the weight is all gone by tomorrow, I might consider eating that stuff at the party well-worth-it. It was all pretty tasty, and after all…New Year’s Eve is still just once a year, right?
Now, if I have not recovered from the splurge…I won’t be so cocky come morning.
A good friend of mine is going to research some races that we all might consider entering. She’ll get me the info tonight and I’ll let you know how it looks. I know a race sounds scary, but think of the incentive that kind of commitment will provide. We won’t have to run it together, everyone can just lumber along at their own pace. The golden-crown will be found in the preparation and in simply making it to the finish line, not the impossible victory. So who cares how fast we run? Just “Run, Forrest! Run!”
Well, wish me luck for in the morning! Until then…

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  1. Yum! I had my equivalent of your movie-without-popcorn tonight. I went to rehearsal, about 7:00, and someone had brought pizza. It smelled so good, and just for a minute I was going to break my rule of not eating after 6:00. I resisted, though! That was a big one for me because I love pizza. However, I could also live on salads like the ones you described above! Good job making healthy choices! *high five* I'm anticipating your weigh-in tomorrow!