Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sidestepping mallards in Millard!

Due to popular demand, and also to the fact that I need a tangible reason/deadline to push myself speed-wise a little harder than I have been, I’ve finally found a few good races to enter. The first one is going to be February 20th in Delta, Utah of all places. The best part is the race name. I’m going to be running in “The 2010 Wild Goose Chase 5k!” The course is part paved, part dirt, as it winds its way along Gunnison Bend Reservoir during the height of the annual Snow Goose Festival, where the waterfowl can be viewed and admired as you huff past them. Those of you who know me have already guessed that I’ll be packing a shotgun just in case a few low-fliers swoop within range! What a rush it will be dodging goose droppings, jogging along side a pack of fellow rednecks wearing snow boots!

The next race, the Operation Smile 5k in Utah County, is on March 27th. The punishment starts at Mt. Timpanogos Park, follows the canyon trail as it juts down by Nunn's Park and then on down the Provo River trail, making a loop back to Mt. Timpanogos Park.

Too be honest, I like that the Provo race is in March rather than February, as I could use as much time as possible to prepare my big body for speed, but I’ll be danged if I just can’t resist them Delta Geese, even if the early deadline kills me, literally. What can I say, some people get death defying, twisted kicks running with the bulls in Barcelona and I’ll get mine sidestepping mallards in Millard!

Now all of this brings me to the $50 question. Is there anyone in the ranks that wants to run these suckers with me? You see, I’m afraid I’ll fill out the form, send the meager entry fee, and start moving a little faster each day until the race begins, but if I’m left to go it alone, I could see myself dropping out. If you come run with me, I swear we’ll have a good time, and the preparation will help us push ourselves a little harder along the way. There are lots of training schedules on line, including some that claim to get you off the couch and ready for your first 5k in just 8 weeks. If you’re already off the couch, then let’s get moving toward the Delta deal ASAP!

Any takers?


  1. A few of you have already jumped on board, but I would love to see more! Remember, we don't have to keep up with each other at the race, just train and run at your own pace. Come on, just do it!

  2. I will run with you in Delta. That is only a half hour away from me. Count me in on that one. That will give me a month to prepare. I was just able to start back on the tredmill this week after a four week lapse due to seperating my shoulder while tubing. I am also ready to start the 20lb competition. I weighed this morning at 201 even. So as of now it is on! First one to 20lbs wins.

  3. You're on Talbot! :) I have not posted it on my blog yet but my weight today is 213.9! I'm thinking if we both hit 20 lbs by the Goose Chase nobody pays, otherwise, the loser buys lunch after the race! What do you think?