Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking more about entering some kind of race...

This entry is going to be a smidge in the “short but sweet” side. Life is great. You all are great! Thanks for being there for me and I am glad to be there for those of you who are working hard to have a better, healthier life. I had a great walk (with dumbbells) this morning and I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s exercise. Walking indoors is the perfect thing for me right now. Not having to deal with slick roads and subzero air blasting into my lungs has made it so I can move faster and work harder without any extra worries of falling or burning my unhealthy lungs out.
I’ve been thinking more about entering some kind of race in the spring. I know I can be ready. If I could do a short one around April and a slightly longer one in July, that would be awesome. I need to pick one and get registered so I can train specifically for the distance. Help me pick a race location that is central to everyone and let’s enter it together. That would be very cool if we got 6 or 10 or 20 of us to train and then go run it together! Any takers? Any suggestions as to when and where? Think of how motivating it would be if we all entered together and then we could help each other keep up with the training schedule. COME ON! JUST DO IT!!!


  1. I'm in. There is a 10K race in Kansas City, Missouri on Sat, June 5th. That is about half way. Let's get together and do it. I'll bring the power bars.
    Love, Steve

  2. That makes me feel whiney just thinking about it, but I know it would be good for me! I would do the race in Nephi in July if I can run-jog-walk next to you. I'm a whimp! I admit it!

  3. Let's do the Ute Stampede Fun Run. With the pageant in June, July is wide open. Also, don't feel like we all have to run at the same pace, just start together and then gather again at the finish line for a party!!!