Saturday, January 9, 2010

All’s well on the weight-loss-front!

All’s well on the weight-loss-front! I tried cooking up some brown rice and chicken for lunch today, I say tried because I somehow the rice mutated to near goop. The poultry part turned out good enough to make up for it though. For dinner it’s another “culinary miracle” taco salad, I can never get enough of those…even when I pass on the chips, sour cream, and cheese.
I am pretty excited about how things are going so far. I wish the scales were dialing down quicker, but I am getting hooked on exercise. Before my feet hit the ground in the morning, I find myself doing crunches in bed. I look forward to the walks each day and am very excited for when I graduate into running full speed. It’s been a long time since I self propelled the wind through my hair (what’s left of it).
I hope that you’re all having a great weekend as well. I’m still waiting for someone to come forward and take me up on preparing for a race together. Without someone to do it with, I could see me just sitting around doing nothing all summer!

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  1. I read on here that you want to do a race this summer... thought I would pass this website along to help you find one.