Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sold in “girl” colors only...

Man, I’ve been thinking about my blog all day and had thus assembled some very interesting thoughts to share but the time has gotten away from me and my brain is already shutting down for the night. I promise to share more with you tomorrow.
I did have a great walk with my new weights. I won’t say how much (or how little) they weigh, but let me just say that as long as the weights I am able to carry with me are sold in “girl” colors only (purple in this case)…I will assume that I have much room for improvement.

Also, a great friend of mine, who also happens to be a professional fitness trainer at the Biggest Looser Ranch near St. George gave me a bunch of race information so I’ll be signing up for something very soon. I hope that many of you will be there to run that sucker as well.

Keep working hard and I’ll catch you tomorrow


  1. Cool, tell us which one you choose and when it will be :)

  2. I just wrote you an entire page of words of encouragement and helpful tips...it all got erased. Now I am sad and will just say keep it up until I get the nerve to try again. Sorry, love ya boz.


  3. Sara, We'll do!

    Marci, Sorry to hear that it all got erased. I've had that happen too if I forget to log in before I post! :)