Sunday, January 10, 2010

Calorie-wise supper that tasted like a million bucks.

Whoa. It got late all of the sudden. Just got back from seeing a great friend who lives in Murray. She fixed us a calorie-wise supper that tasted like a million bucks and then we chit-chatted the night away.
Not much to report other than all is well. We’re still looking for the perfect race but apparently the smaller ones don’t always make themselves known this far in advance. Hopefully we can find one soon or we’ll have to run in a bigger one. I guess that may not be all bad if we start training now.
Well, there’s no use dragging this on. Hopefully you’re all smart enough to be in bed by now anyway. Goodnight!


  1. The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure (5K) is always on Mothers Day weekend in Salt Lake. I usually walk it with my brothers and sisters but will be running it this year! It's for a good cause and a race you might want to consider!

  2. read my comment on the previous blog post and you can find a race!!!

  3. How soon are you going to be ready to run a race? Are you planning to walk in your first ones?