Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today was one of those little paydays I keep talking about.

Yikes. I missed posting yesterday and didn’t even notice. I guess it was okay to give you an extra day to digest my 01-01-2010 entry because it was a bit “heavy”. I was hoping to get a touch more feedback on that one but I think the Holidays have us all too tired to blog. I am so dang excited about the New Year. I had a wonderful Christmas Season, but I am more than ready to get back to my healthy routines and start posting some bigger weight loss numbers over the next several weeks.
Today was one of those little paydays I keep talking about. I wore a pair of dress pants to church that I had not been able to fit into for at least nine-months. I was looking pretty dapper if you ask me. I broke out a few my other clothing items that I am almost able to wear. They are lined up in my closet, “on-deck” until I can slide my way into them again.
I’ve had a few more of you come on board, pledging to get in better shape for the New Year and I expect there’ll be more. If you’re one of the fence sitters, just get off your rear and join us. There is an untold strength in numbers. Now is the time. We’ve been carrying this burden long enough and it’s time to just let this one go and live the life we were meant to live. Come one, JOIN US!!!


  1. It is so great to fit in your clothes!! I think it is the best indicator on how your progress is going. I had a sunday morning ritual of trying on all my clothes in the closet and making piles of give aways and a pile of "soon to fit" I looked forward to it every week. Looking forward to that again. :)-Wendy

  2. Don't do that again! I log in every night to see how you are doing. It helps me and gives me strength. Way to go on the smaller sizes! I wore a dress to the Christmas program sacrament meeting on December 20th that I hadn't been able to wear before (it was a hand-me-down that had been sitting in my closet for several months). Unfortunately, I struggled through the holidays. Too much yummy food I am not used to having around. Anyway, I only backslid a little, and now I am back on it, starting again. I was feeling weak today. I need to set my head and heart straight and get focused.