Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Then it hit me...

Today I had to lug about 100 lbs of sugar down to the storage room in the basement. The sugar bags were in two plastic tubs weighing about 50 lbs each. It was a pretty hefty load to be packing down that many stairs but the cool thing was…the job was a cinch for me now that I am in better shape. The old me would have paid some kid that was skateboarding down the street to come and do my manual labor, but not the new me. Now I just take life by the horns.
Like I said, the job was easy enough, but I would not want to pack those tubs around all day or anything. Then it hit me! The crazy thing is…those tubes weigh the same amount as all the fat that I’ve lost so far. In reality, I WAS carrying those huge tubes around with me all day. WOW! What an eye-opening experience! How did I even function? How am I functioning now with the 50 or 75 pounds that I have left to lose? It’s crazy how the weight can just slowly stack up on you in a way that you hardly notice.
I had a good run today…and a good nap, and now I feel as if I’m ready for just about any task that comes along…maybe even tonight’s scouting activity!

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