Monday, March 15, 2010

Its time I got rejuvenated but how do I do it?

It’s hard to understand what’s gotten into me these days, blog-wise. I’m not sure if my haphazard hiatus is due to the blog possibly losing its magic or if I am getting the feeling you all are board with my plight…so why write or if I’m just a natural-born slacker and have been casually blowing off something very important and inspirational for no good reason at all. As far as you all being board, why wouldn’t you be? Here I am supposed to be this great weight-loss champion and I’ve managed to lose only a pound or two over the last three or four weeks. Heck, if I were you, I’d be board out of my gourd over this thing. It needs a shot in the arm! I need a shot in the arm!

I did run today. That was good. I ate properly as well. Maybe I’m on my way again, maybe you’re still with me??? It seems my time and efforts these days are spread awfully thin between too many great projects. Perhaps I’ve got too many irons in the fire and in an effort to keep all of them glowing to a useful red-hot; I’m inadvertently rotating some of them into cooler places amongst the coals. The truth is, everything I am working on is important, but my quest for a better, healthier life needs to be among my first priorities. Without my health, I won’t be doing any of my other projects much good at all now would I?

How about those of you in the weight-loss trenches with me? Are you still on board? Have you too hit a plateau? Can we work together and motivate each other again like we did when the blog was new? Its time I got rejuvenated but how do I do it? Any advice?


  1. I'm still with you.

    Brent, I do not read your blog to be entertained. I have noticed, and maybe I am wrong, that as your number of followers grows, you seem to feel pressure to be clever or entertaining. I actually come here for support. By that I mean that I want to know someone is struggling and fighting like I am and I want to know how you get through it, or what you do after you don't get through it.

    I did hit a plateau, and for about three weeks I was bobbing in a 5-pound range (weighing every day still), not making progress and feeling a lot of pressure and not much peace. I broke out of the 200's the same time you came out of the 300's, and then I bounced in and out several times and couldn't get it under control. I ended up last Monday, after praying a lot, going on raw food only for a period of time to help get me jump started. Not fancy raw, just fruit, veggies, salads, smoothies, and nuts and seeds. It is easier for me to go on just raw food than to try to control myself and my portions with the usual tasty food fare. I bought me a case of oranges about the same time you did, and they came in very handy. Nutty guys has raw almonds and sunflower seeds in Mt. Nebo Market, and those are what I eat when I feel like I am needing something with more substance--1/4 cup of almonds, or a Tablespoon or two of sunflower seeds. I have a great recipe for honey mustard dressing made with honey and olive oil, and that helps feed the need for something "yummy."

    I'll tell you one of my struggles--every time my kids get out the honey nut cheerios (or any cold cereal for that matter), I start to feel shaky and like I want to go crazy and pour the whole box in a giant bowl, cover it with milk and whipping cream, and then shovel it down my throat. I have to constantly be talking to myself and reminding myself of the big picture--what I really want, how I really want to feel, how I feel when I do eat in unhealthy ways, what God wants me to do for my body, and what it's like to see the numbers go down on the scale when I eat in healthy ways. I won't lie--it is a HUGE struggle for me. I sat in front of a pot of spaghetti tonight after my kids finished their dinner, and I had already had my healthy dinner and was NOT hungry, but I wanted to pour the parmesan cheese on it and eat it all. It wasn't because I was hungry. It was the taste I was after. I truly see an addict when I look in the mirror. The trouble with being addicted to overeating is that you can't go cold turkey. You have to keep eating to stay alive. It would sure be easier if we could just walk away and never touch the stuff again, wouldn't it?

    I check your blog every day without fail. Even if you just get on and give a short update, it is helpful for me. I don't care if it's a great display of your writing skills. I just want to know you are still over there trying.

    Brent, you know how much better you feel already. Just think what letting go of 20 more pounds would feel like, or 30, or 40. You can do this! Don't give up. Just find a way to give yourself a boost, and don't forget to include God. He wants you to be healthy so you can do all those other good things you have going on.

    I'm with you, friend. Thank you for the help you've been so far. I'm down 30 pounds since December 7th, the day I first found out about your blog.

  2. Well I read your blog because you are my friend! Even if you weren't on your quest for a better, healthier life I would still read. I check yours daily though becauseI want to see your road to success as it happens. I feel like I get to be a part of it somehow! I'm totally a follower but if I don't leave a tid bit on your posts, it's just because I think maybe you're bored with my comments! .... But I'm here and reading everyday!

  3. My week of being on hiatus from being good started Thursday. I was careful how much I ate but not being careful what I was eating. This put me into a big slump cause we didn't have swim class on Saturday, and that is when I usually walk. I did two miles at the gym last night and felt really good about that, then come home and asked what my family wanted for dinner...and just like Rachel said, spaghetti it was. Now from what I understand marinara is better than alfredo...whole wheat pasta and green salad was OK...but I pigged out. Even had a second helping LOL So I understand what is happening here. I think we all want you to keep up the great work you are doing. Every time I log onto FB I check to see if you have wrote yet. I knew something was wrong...I am glad you were honest about how you are feeling. We are still here...just like you are and are cheering for ya !!!

  4. You guys are the best. Thanks for the good/frank advice. I'm back with a vengeance !

  5. Brent, I think I own a summer home on the plateau.

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