Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As quick as I think that, I get humbled.

I’ve managed to make it through an entire St. Patty’s day without wearing green and without getting pinched. That’s the sign of a man who needs to get out more. I did go for a nice run though. I’m still a little buggered-up from the Tooele 5k but I felt better today than yesterday.

Last night we played volley ball with the scouts. We had a great time and I hardly broke a sweat. It’s nice to feel a little of the old athleticism coming back and it was nice not to need a shower after the slightest physical activity.

Tonight for dinner I’m making a low-cal version of a traditional St. Patty’s Day feast. Anyone up for some corned-beef and cabbage? Just come on over. I’ve made just enough for a small contingency of leprechauns, so there should be plenty.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who noticed I was struggling these past few days and send me encouraging comments, emails, and even phone calls. Every once in a while I get fooled into thinking that getting healthy is going to be easy for me but as quick as I think that, I get humbled. Thanks for helping me along.


  1. Brent, here's a happy thought that just came to me....

    I read on the news that Biggest Loser is coming to Salt Lake City. I hate to tell you this, but you are waaaaaayyyy too small to be a candidate for that show. So am I! Isn't that a happy thought?

    Remember, things that are worth it are most often difficult.

  2. That is a great thought Rachel! Hey Brent, what is that website you use for calorie counting? Carpi diem! (Did I spell that right?)