Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excited about the next year of my life!

Not to draw any more attention to myself than I usually do…but if you didn’t already know…today is my 39th birthday! And what a terrific birthday it has been. I spent the entire day hanging out at my favorite building in the world. It was a grand opportunity for service, pondering, prayer, and goal setting. I figured if I’m turning 40 next year (gasp!), I’d better get off my can and make some specific goals for myself. I mean, who wants to turn 40 and realized you’re no better off than you were at 39? Not me!

The other very cool development is that I finally figured out how to launch a Facebook group about my quest for a better, healthier life. It has been so killer to see how many of you have already joined. I think it’s like up to 80 members in the first 12 hours. That’s excellent! If you haven’t had a chance, look it up next time you’re kicking around on FB and join…then invite your friends to join. Just do a FB search for “a quest for a better, healthier life,” and you’ll find it. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from the race and will add some before-and-after pictures soon.

I’m excited about the FB page because it is an easier way to post pictures, web links, recipes, and any other info that might inspire us to get healthier, but I’m even more excited about the next year of my life! How cool will it be to turn 40 and be in better shape than I was at 30 or maybe even 25? Answer: DANG FREAKING COOL!

Thanks again for your endless support and well-wishes, and thanks for joining us on Facebook. See you there soon!


  1. Of course we're joining the FB group - we're cheering you on!

  2. Happy Birthday, Brent! I'm glad to hear your resolve. Good idea to form a facebook group!