Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please help me get it back!

Another busy day has come to a close and I am pleased as well as disappointed in myself. Pleased because I resisted this afternoon when I was sorely tempted to stop at KFC for the all-you-can-eat fried chicken buffet, but disappointed because I did not make time for any serious exercise. Here I am , less than 24 hours from my weekly weigh in, and less than ten days away from my first 5k run in over a decade and I am acting like a person without goals, or a person with goals but not enough heart to accomplish them.

But the truth is, I do have goals, and I do have heart! I can’t droop is self pity, but I don’t think I can get rolling again on my own. I’m going to need your prayers, encouraging words, and over all support if I’m going to get back on track. This entry is starting to sound like my very first post when I basically begged for your help. I swallowed my stupid pride, asked for your help and you gave it to me. If you’re out there, and you can find the time, please please please do something for me. A prayer, a text or an email…call me if you can and remind me how important this is. Remember, it’s not what I know about weight loss, it’s how I feel about what I know that will keep me on track, and obviously I have lost the feeling. Please help me get it back!


  1. Brent, you can do this. Think about the feelings you had right before you reached out for help on this blog. Think about what you really want and how good it feels when you can get those clothes on that didn't fit before. Pray and ask God to give you the strength to take care of your body the way he wants you to. Then make a commitment to him that you will do it for the whole day. Recommit to God every day. It works! Your courage has helped me so much, and I know you will get back on track. I'm in it with you!

  2. WOW!! Brent, I know you don't know me BUT nevertheless I know you can do this and you know you can do this.... all you have to do is go back over your blog and re-read the amazing progress you have made, how you felt when you got up in the morning and ran/walked... how you felt when you stood on the scale and the number was smaller, how you felt when you learned about counting calories and after you did that you lost an amazing 5 lbs in just that ONE week!!!!

    Let me tell you something personal, I witnessed my mom go through hell with her weight and eventually it took her life... she was only 51 years old... DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU...

    Get back up on that horse... and if you fall off then get back up again and again and again!!!

    Again I don't know you BUT know this... for me reading your blogs it has helped me get my thoughts organized as to what I need to start doing to take my health back instead of giving it to the birds!! First I am switching doctors, I am doing a low glycemic diet, I am reading about that diet by Dr. Ray A. Strand, I am researching my symptoms on the internet and making a list of things to discuss with my old doctor so I can get a referral to a new doctor.

    You can do this, you are a writer, sit down and write out what is bugging you..figure it out and then re-evaluate your goals and modify where you need to and then get moving!!!


  3. Rachel your advice on prayer was awesome and Heidi, thanks for your extra nice vote of confidence! I'm back in the saddle again!!!