Friday, February 19, 2010

A “decade low” milestone!

Missed it by that much? Not today! Sorry to have been sitting on such killer information for the past 12 hours but I had very short notice to finish a pretty big project, but along with getting my manuscript submitted on time, I also weighed in this morning at a “decade low” milestone! My new weight is 299.7! How crazy is that? I’m mean, I know if some farmer was looking to sell me at the stock auction, he’d still mark me down as weighing a large three-hunski, but hey, according to my scale…I’m da’ man! I’m in the 200’s again, baby!

The trick now, is to NEVER say hello to the 300’s AGAIN! Of course, if I did see them, I’d be saying something a lot more colorful that “Hello.”

The race is on for tomorrow, but man-o-man the weather is supposed to suck! Some of you have dropped out already, and I can’t say that I blame you, but don’t ever list me for a job reference if you’re fixing to get on with the U.S. Post Office, because they have a very strict “Rain, Snow, Sleet, or Hail” policy that they roll by—sorry! Just kidding, I understand some of you had a long ways to travel in the morning, and I must admit, if the roads are bad enough, I’ll just have to tough it out, because I am running that sucker, Buck-o!
No, I really am kidding. We all just do the best we can when it comes to fitness (and our few Saturdays). I’m a little worded though, because I’m not sure anyone will be there to take my photo when I cross that finish line. Oh well Not like I could sell it on Ebay or anything.

Catch you tomorrow!


  1. Heck ya man! Holy cow, you have lost the equivelent of a small child. Also, you're such an entertaining writer. I always find myself so amused by your posts. I'm so happy you got your manuscript submitted. Along with working on your fitness, that is a big accomplishment too! Good luck tomorrow! If you can do it crappy weather, you can do it anywhere. I wish I could be there to give you a high five and take your pic at the finish line :)

  2. Sara,
    I like to think of it as me loosing the equivelent of TWO even smaller children! It sounds twice as good!!! :) My folks ended up going over and they took a few pics so we're golden. I'll post them when I have time. I love that you are following along!

  3. I am so excited for you! I also hit a milestone when I broke 200 this week, and I hope to never go back. I talked to you on the phone Friday night right before going into Sweet Tomatoes for a dinner with my husband. Wow, I was thinking about Brent Boswell until halfway through the meal--it was like you were there looking over my shoulder as I dished up each luscious bite of salad onto my plate. I didn't dare get anything from the pasta section or the breads/muffins/pizza section. Amazingly, the salad was delicious and very satisfying--go figure. Thanks for the "conscience!" So good to have a friend in the business of getting fit!