Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old habits really do die hard!

I’m a big boy…so I take full responsibility for my eating choices over the past few days and let me just admit right now that they’ve sucked!!! I chose to “let my hair down” over the weekend, and party with the skinny people, but now I’ve had a hard time getting my butt back in gear. I’m not sure where the breakdown occurred but I drove home Monday morning after the Super Bowl, ate a bowl of “crap” cereal for breakfast and I’ve hardly ate a healthy thing since.

Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a day of renewed commitment on my part. There is no way Friday’s weigh-in can turn out very well, but I hope the bad numbers will at least slap me up-side the head! Hopefully those of you reading this will slap me up-side the head as well, and please do it literally if you happen to see me in person. I deserve it!!! One of you made the comment on my Facebook page that my blog entries as of late have been getting pretty short, well, I’m glad he called me on it, because too many short blog posts in a row indicates a lack of healthy activities for me to report on.

I’m sorry for letting you down. My brief relapse is proof that old habits really do die hard, and that my bad habits are very much alive and well, and are just waiting under the surface for me to let my guard down before they pounce. I’m not saying we can never enjoy a food party once in a while, but I’d better have a very specific plan for how I’m going to get back on track right after the big meal.


  1. Brent Brent Brent... I don;t live close to you or I would come and share my woes as well... I have sucked lately at my choices of eating and let the best get to me.

    If you come to UVU I can literally slap you!!! LOL!!! Read a really good book that talks a ton about how our bodies are affected by bad food choices it is called Healthy For LIfe by Ray A. Strand... there is really good info, I could hardly put it down!!


  2. Brent, you are only hurting yourself. You can get back! Fast for a day if you have to. The only thing that keeps me from having a relapse back into my old ways is to answer to God---even before during and after I eat sometimes. I have to do it that way because I am a recovering addict. I still get the urges to eat junk or eat a whole lot of something, but I feel like since I have asked God for help, I have to do what He wants, not what I want. He helps me get through the tough times. Think of the 200's! You can do it!

  3. LOL I just can't imagine seeing you and slapping you upside they head! Although I have always to know what it would feel like to that to someone. It looks so dramatic. SO maybe.. You better hope I don't see you....

  4. Thanks girls! I knew I could count on you for a "pick me up".