Friday, February 26, 2010

No longer a member of the 200 club! :(

Obviously I’ve lost my momentum! Any steam that I had built up at the beginning of the week has long since dissipated…gone with the wind. I’ve been trading the same 5or 6 pounds back and forth over the last two or three weeks, which would be terrific if only I was in maintenance-mode, but for someone on the supposed decline, this is terrible.
My weight this week is 305.4! As in…no longer a member of the 200 club. I guess that’s the chance a man takes when he allows himself to teeter on the edge at 299.7 and then sits on his chubby can for 5 of the last 7 days.
Like it was two weeks ago, I don’t think my excessive gain is real fat, but mostly water retained after eating an extremely salty pizza last night. Granted some of the gain is real, just not the whole 5 lbs…but still…this sucks…and I did it to myself! Again!!!
Anyone got any ideas on how I could get my mojo back? I was thinking that I need some kind of deadline, something for me to shoot for. The races are good, but now I know I can run them, they have lost their motivational luster. One of the weight loss areas I’ve wanted to explore is public speaking. I’ve noticed that those who lose weight and then make weight loss their business tend to keep it off. Along those same lines, I was thinking that if I had the opportunity, I’d love to travel around Utah giving speeches about my weight loss journey and how others can do it too. Such a thing would be very motivational to me because I’d always have a speaking event scheduled in the near future and I think that would motivate me to stay the course. Any ideas as to where I could start? I was thinking a mid-week Relief Society meeting might be a great place to try out my idea?

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  1. Hi Brent. I feel for you. I'm sorry...
    I've heard that safflower oil helps with losing weight.

    It helps restore your body to healthy state inside and out...

    A friend told me it works cuz she uses it. I bought some, too. I found it in the health area in Smith's. I've heard you could find it in Wal-Mart with their other oils in the food section...
    Let me know how it works for you!! :D