Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The mini-fridge downstairs

So…I had this calorie tracking idea that seems to be working so far. I wake up each morning, plan my meals, and then place everything that is supposed to go into my gut for the day in its own spot in the mini-fridge downstairs. I’ve been talking with a personal trainer from the Biggest Loser Ranch in St. George (Fitness Ridge). The ranch in St. George uses the exact same methods of training, weight loss, and mental wellbeing that they do on the TV show. The trainer says that everyone on the ranch eats 1200 calories per day, regardless of body mass and gender. They also exercise for seven hours per day. Killer! Anyway, I have adopted the 1200 calorie idea and am working towards the seven hours. Each day, my 1200 calories goes into the mini-fridge and each day it is honestly a struggle to eat it all. I guess the struggle is because its 1200 healthy calories, which is quite bulky. To eat 1200 calories at Chuck-O-Rama is a breeze, it would be a single plate full, but in health food, 1200 really is a lot of mass.
So far it’s working pretty well…at least for now. What I mean by “for now” is that I’m finding that all good ideas work when they are new but they can lose their luster over time to where they are not as motivating anymore. Take my blog for example, at first, I was unstoppable with the thing, but as time wore on, blogging alone lost its power to motivate me. I think in weight loss, we need to be prepared to make some changes as our current regimen becomes less effective.
Well, that’s all for today. The weather is supposed to be great for a while and that means no more excuses. Wish me luck, and I wish you well…as well.


  1. Hi, Brent. Personally, I miss your blogging. It really was a lifeline to me in my efforts to change my destructive eating patterns.

    I have leveled off for a month at a 42 to 45 pound loss (depending on the day, I fluctuate in that three-pound range). I decided that today I was going to get back on it. I have been able to maintain some of the changes I have made. I haven't been as discriminating on my food choices lately. I can tell a difference when I eat a lot of bread and animal products and not much plant food. I don't feel as well. I have also gotten so busy that I haven't been exercising. My goal is to exercise every day this week, even if it is just a walk around the block. I am counting calories again and trying to spend those calories on healthy foods (heavy on fruits and veggies).

    This is performance week for The Sound of Music, and I want to feel good! I try to stick around 1400-1500 calories a day. I am also back to drinking my gallon of distilled water every day. Back with the program, but I feel a little at a loss after this week because my big motivating event will have come and gone. I need to find the next reason to keep on going. I'd like to drop 20 more pounds.

    Good luck to you! You can do it! Just remember to focus on the goal and what you REALLY want and don't let the short term stuff get in the way.

  2. I did that too. I counted all of my calories and didn't do unnecessary calorie eating. I also exercised and I lost a lot of unexpected weight--it was so much that I thought something was wrong with me. I wasn't doing it to lose the weight, but to keep in shape. What a bonus this was! Thanks for this post. :D