Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first real good day in a long time

After being in weight-maintenance mode for the last several weeks, it’s hard to come right out and say that I am back and ready for battle…but I am back and ready for battle.
Yesterday was a good nutrition and exercise day, the first real good day in a long time. It felt good to get out and walk in the sunshine and it felt good to go to bed slightly hungry. I sleep better than I had in weeks. I always sleep pretty well, but I sleep VERY well when I am eating right.
I have some new and very important reasons to get in shape and I cannot afford to fail. I will not fail.


  1. No fair teasing like that. New and very important reasons? Hmmm....whatever it is, good reasons are a blessing when it comes to conquering destructive behavior. It was good to see you on Sunday, and you are looking good!