Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We must develop a new, healthier mindset

I’m not sure what’s happening here but I am really feeling the fitness bug these past few days. My nutrition has not reached the point of perfection, but I’ve been eating much smarter and am already in love with exercising again. I am no longer consumed with thoughts of food either; rather I wake up, do a few sets of crunches, and plan my exercise opportunities for the day.
It is a significant thing when I say that I am not consumed with thoughts of food. As dumb as it sounds, I think all extremely overweight people or people with inappropriate relationships with food, think of food all too often. I can actually be in the middle of a great (and by great I mean “unhealthy) meal and already be thinking/talking about what I am going to eat for the next one. I’ve thought and behaved that way so often and for so long that I did not realize until a few years ago that to be that consumed with food is not normal. I think most overly-large people think that way as well, its part of our problem and we must develop a new, healthier mindset.

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  1. I can relate with that, and it IS a significant thing not to be consumed with thoughts of food. I don't think it can be truly understood until one attempts to conquer an "addiction." I heard a guy once say about his addiction that it took him a year before he was able to drive down the street and pass the liquor store without feeling a strong drive to go inside. But the day did come. That gave me hope. For a while I had that problem with Flying J. They sell those great big soft white chocolate macadamia nut cookies in three-packs there, and I couldn't drive by without that same strong drive the alcoholic was talking about--a strong overwhelming compulsion to go in and buy them. The problem with those cookies for me is eating them when I am not hungry, eating way too much of them, eating them in secrecy, and eating them to soothe some emotion or some stress. None of those behaviors are rational or responsible. But, as time has passed, the drive to go in and buy those cookies has gotten fewer and farther between, and most of the time now I drive past Flying J and don't even notice. Probably sounds silly to those who haven't experienced it, but it is just as you said in your post. I'm glad you are experiencing good days. Keep it up!