Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book Review

The Thorn: Book One. The Chronicles of Gan
By Daron D. Fraley
The Scriptures are clear. There are other sheep not of our fold, but them also He must bring, and they shall hear His voice and there shall be one fold…and one shepherd. In his insightful new novel, The Thorn: Book One, The Chronicles of Gan, author Daron D. Fraley takes us on a journey through time, even space, to a marvelous world with two suns and multiple moons, a civilized planet, much like our own, yet eerily unique.
Fraley has spun for us a type or a shadow, a symbolic view of an Old Testament era world, perhaps one of those other worlds spoken of throughout scripture, which are as the sands, without number. Yet they are known by their Great Creator, and the Messianic events of our world are known by the people of Gan, and the Ganian faithful look to the skies for the signs of His earthly birth.
A war for rights to the throne is raged between three Ganling brothers, two seek for blood, one strives for peace. Two brothers seek to obtain the powerful, ancient scepter that symbolizes the rights of the kingdom to the holder, and the rightful brother fights only to maintain the scepter and the religious freedoms of his people.
Fraley’s epic tale reads as if you were in a strange dream, somehow secretly watching the tumultuous Ganian events leading to the sign of Christ’s birth from afar. Unlikely friendships are forged between enemies, there are loves won, and loves lost. Lives won and lives lost. Swords flash in the duel suns’ light and blood runs down the cloaks of the wicked and righteous without prejudice.
The story is intertwined with foreshadowing, dreams, intrigue, murderous plots, swordplay, assassins, treason, magic, miracles, shimmering glowstones, broken hearts, epic battles, exciting skirmishes, loyal companions, redemption, death before dishonor, betrayals, prophesy, tokens, signs, symbols.
Daron D. Fraley’s The Thorn is a historical fantasy with a uniquely futuristic feel and it will keep you turning the page well into the night.

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  1. Thank you for the review, Brent! I am glad you liked it.