Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today’s buffet! Yikes!

Dodged a bullet today! At noon I found myself lunching at the Golden Coral, which is exactly like an ex-alcoholic strolling into a bar at happy hour and expecting to stay on the wagon. This is not a temptation I recommend but it turns out the GC actually has a pretty decent salad bar. I guess I already knew that, but I can honestly say that I don’t ever ever ever remember having green salad at Golden Coral, or at any all you can eat buffet I could name. The really cool part is that I ate 100% healthy. Lots of cool greens, veggies, fruit, and some sliced grilled chicken breast. No hot, steamy rolls, no BBQ ribs and drumsticks, none of the usual fatty deep fried items, and certainly no dessert. I just ate plenty of salad and drank my sugar free lemonade and called it good. I left full but was hungry again in a few hours. That’s how I know I didn’t overdo. Usually after eating at a buffet, I feel stuffed for the rest of the day and into the next morning. Usually after a buffet I feel so sluggish afterwards, but today was so different. I hope to be this strong the next time that kind of temptation comes up.
The other part of my day that went really well was my daily cemetery walk. After seeing the weather forecast last night, I decided my best chance for outdoor exercise was first thing in the AM, so that’s what I did. I logged in my 1.75 miles early, which turned out to be a really good call because tonight when I got home from Orem it was raining very hard.
Well, I hope you’re having some similar victories in your own quest for a better, healthier life. Some of you have sent me encouraging emails and texts and I want you to know that hearing from you really helps, so thank you. I doubt I’d withstood today’s buffet without knowing you are counting on me to choose the right.

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