Monday, April 11, 2011


Sunshine—finally! Perfect day for a long walk in the cemetery. I got up this morning and cooked a full-on, bacon, eggs, and pancake breakfast for my niece and two nephews and I walked away without so much as a nibble. Why? Because today I have a plan, today I have set some nutrition goals and it does not include that kind of grub. A good friend and I have challenged each other to a perfect nutrition week, with specific weight loss goals in writing. There are no bets, no store bought prizes for the winner, just better health and personal satisfaction. We’re going for some Biggest Loser type numbers, just for this week, and then we’ll evaluate our progress before setting some less drastic goals for the next three weeks. Then we’ll reevaluate and set some longer term goals.
I hope you are all doing well with your health. It’s probably a shock to you that I’m posting on a regular basis, maybe you’re wondering if I’ll keep it up or just fizzle out like I have in the past. I’m wondering too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I do hope that you’ll join with me in becoming healthier. I’m interested in anything about getting healthy, Utah race dates, heath based websites, books, blogs, and so on. Please keep me posted if you find anything that might help and I’ll do the same.


  1. Great job! I have a plan today. It is centered around numbers---watch the calories and drink a scheduled amount of water. I also took a walk. Took it a little easy, though, since I've been out of the routine for a while.

    Hey, by the way, a great way to get those "biggest loser" type numbers in a week is to juice fast.

    I'm glad you're posting!

  2. Glad to see you're back at it Rachel. Spring (if it ever gets here) is a great time to get out and get moving. Tell me more about the juice!