Friday, April 15, 2011

That too, spells danger

I’m sitting here sipping down a diet root beer and really enjoying it. I know carbonation is not the best but it tastes good to have something slightly sweet once in a while. It’s funny because I’ve noticed that once you cut out processed sugar from your diet, natural and artificial sugars taste so much sweeter and satisfying.
Didn’t make it for my walk today, but I spent about an hour at the cabin cutting trees and dragging the scrap branches over to the burn pile. I wouldn’t call it a total workout, but I’m sure my heart rate was up and I did break into a slight sweat.
I’ve got a couple of challenges coming up. Tomorrow I’m headed to Logan for the day and that town has some good places to eat. On Sunday, I’ve got my mother’s birthday party and all the ladies in my family are excellent cooks, so that too spells danger. My solution is to budget my calories, eating less on the meals that aren’t part of the festivities and saving more room for the meals that matter. I’ll keep you posted. Hope you’re all doing well. Please keep me up to date on your progress and I’ll do the same.


  1. I happened on this website tonight when I was looking for information on burning fat. I thought you might be interested.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I'll check it out. Glad to see you're still in the fight!