Thursday, April 15, 2010

I’m excited for tomorrow

Another day in weight loss heaven…which is always better than the years and years I’ve spent in weight loss…a…heck!
With the better weather, I plan to get my outdoor exercise in earlier, which will significantly reduce my chances of putting it off until I get too busy or too tired. For some strange reason, I wore my old running shoes today, and let me just say that they felt like they were made of two wooden shingles and duct tape when compared to my new Mizunos.
As of today, I’ve started keeping my calorie ledger up to date and that is always a good thing. And I know this is cheating, and that they have a lot of salt and preservatives I’m sure, but I bought a ton of Lean Cuisines. Had one for lunch with an orange and it hit the spot pretty good. Lean Cuisines also make it easier to count calories and to limit yourself to just one portion. I know that sooner or later I’ll have to go back to my healthy cooking from scratch, but for now I just don’t have the time.
I’m excited for tomorrow. I have not been perfect this week, but I still feel pretty good about being in the 200’s again, and then it’s back to uncharted territory for the rest of my journey. I’d love to lose like another 20 lbs per month between now and the Handcart Pageant on June 23rd. I’d still be a long ways off from looking the part of a half-starved pioneer, but hey…who wants to look like a starving pioneer anyway? Not me.


  1. Maybe you could also go swing dancing....that burned a lot of calories back in the college days.

  2. You are so going to trounce me in this weight loss thing, Brent ... I'm still unable to really exercise. I'm doing a lot better with my eating, but it's not showing yet.

  3. i eat lean cuisines too! They are super easy when I don't feel like cooking, and they of course low in calories, but they are healthy too. They have no preservatives, and most are relativly low in sodium. The pasta ones need salt though. You should get an eliptical machine. It burns more calories than a treadmill, it works your upper body and it's easy to watch your favorite show during your work out. It goes by so quickly.

  4. Jodi, We really did burn a lot of calories in them days. I wonder if I still have some of the ol' moves???

    Tristi, I don't know about trounce...but I will be a lot smaller at this year's conference. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Sara, if YOU'LL eat them...they MUST be safe...because I KNOW you never ate anything that was bad for you at RML!!! :)