Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come on! Hook a brotha up!

Another couple of good, healthy days have gone by. It’s been nice to get out and exercise in my shirt-sleeves and short-pants. If you’ve seen me out there motoring past, I hope you’ll forgive me for the radiant white glare coming off my legs. You know your legs are extra-white when flowers slowly turn to face you as you ramble passed them. That basically means that they see me as a better source of nutrition than the sun. It’s very sad.
My nutrition has been pretty good as well, but still, I could do better. I’m getting very excited for my garden this year as I am going to cultivate a larger variety than ever before. In the past, it’s pretty much been man veggies…like corn, spuds, and tomatoes (I know, tomatoes are a fruit, right?), but this year I’ll go for some of the healthy, girly stuff as well. Ah…like...???
I’ve been thinking more of doing some public speaking about my weight loss journey and how others can do it too. I’ve been invited to speak about the handcarts lately but not weight loss. Maybe I’ll run an ad on ksl.com and see if that gets me a gig or two. Just like it is with blogging, I feel that public speaking would help me stay motivated and allow me to encourage other heavyweights at the same time. Plus, if I’ve got a speaking engagement coming up, it will give me a short term deadline to stay healthy for. Anyone have any ideas about where I might find a group to speak too? I could make the presentation spiritual enough for Relief Society or casual enough for a Weight Watchers group or something like that. Come on! Hook a brotha up!


  1. Spinach, lettuce, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower...they can all go in the ground right now. It's a good idea. What I am looking forward to is the cucumbers and green peppers.

    Good luck on the motivational speaking. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to hear you share your experiences!

  2. Girly stuff? I've never thought about girly stuff and guy stuff when it comes to produce ... I'll have to think on that a bit.

  3. Speaking of girly stuff...last night was Enrichment Night and the men were invited to also learn about gardening. It was highly informative since this will be my first full year in Utah for a while.

    Our stake recently had a fitness expo on a Saturday. Maybe you could pitch that idea to your stake. Good luck

  4. Oh yes. There is girly produce...basically any veggie that you can't order at a steakhouse or use while at deer camp.

    Dan and Wendy, I think a stake fitness expo is a great idea! I’m going to look into spearheading one.