Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get my ol’ heart pumping again

I'm back to living at the cabin these days so my internet time is somewhat limited. All is well. Last night I nearly ate some ice cream but soon thought better of it...but not until after I’d already dished it up. I tossed the whole thing in the trash, bowl and all. Like I said yesterday…I’m back. And “Back” means no eating like I’m at a party…unless of course I am at a party, and then I’ll eat like a girl on date…as in very minuscule amounts.
I’m not sure of my race plans for the 17th. In my dumb county-boy brain, I was thinking that 5k was someplace else. The good news is that I am back in training as we speak. One nice thing about living in the mountains is that there are plenty of hills to climb and I intend to climb a bunch of them. That ought to get my ol’ heart pumping again, but I guess the rough terrain might make it harder for Life Flight to land if I go down some place.
I hope you are doing well with your goals. I’m sorry about disappearing for awhile. Obviously I was not doing very well nutritionally or I would have never left my post. Thanks to all of you who had the guts to “call me on it” and ask where I was. Your emails and posts where part of what helped bring me back around.


  1. Help Prevent Child Abuse 5K Race. April 17th in Sugarhouse Park. 10:30 a.m. Be there!

  2. I'm glad to see you back. I've been floundering a bit as well, but I am back on track. Reading your blog entries really helps me. You can do it! Way to go on the ice cream, bowl and all! I have done that. Sometimes you just have to "run as fast as you can to higher ground." You can do it!!!

  3. Want to come over for a piece of chocolate cake?

  4. Catina, Looks like I’m out for the race this weekend.

    Rachel, it feels good to be back. Glad you’re back as well.

    Anonymous, looks like now that they’ve cleaned the riffraff of KSL’s comment board you’ve found a new place to be a dork. Welcome aboard.