Thursday, July 22, 2010

A "deal" with God

I mentioned the other day that I was proud/blessed to have made it through two very difficult times of year without gaining weight, in fact, I lost weight. The first period was during the pageant. Normally pageant time is also known as junk food time, or late-night munching time at my house. We don’t have time to cook and we don’t keep normal hours, so we always hit Wal-Mart and buy a bunch of snack foods to eat. This year I made a deal with the Lord that I would not partake in such unhealthy practices and for the most part, I was able to keep my end of the deal and I was blessed with health and strength to do all that needed doing during such a stressful time.
The next difficult health period was last week when I was the head Dutch oven cook for the Gunnison Bulldogs while they were at football camp. The coach wanted the boys to eat like kings and eat like kings they did…and I cooked it all. Three squares a day, plus snacks. All of it Dutch oven style or BBQ and all of it had bacon as the major ingredient. In short, I cooked for them all of the kinds of food I love. I made a deal with the Lord and he helped me to be that close to that much fattening food and I hardly ate a single bite of it. I had a few very small portions of a few of the less fattening dishes and that is all.
I will talk more about this tomorrow and more specifically, I will talk about the “deals” with the Lord, which was really more of a covenant that a deal, and maybe you’ll want to try it as well.


  1. A covenant, yes. Deals? They never work for me! LOL Probably because they're one sided! Anyway, great post and good luck.

  2. Teach me more about these "Covenants"

  3. So, you're back at the blogging. I am glad. I am also happy that you have found the same thing I found. I'm anxiously waiting to hear how you do it. I know it works. :)