Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two new exercise challenges

I’m not sure of the significance, or if it has any special meaning, but today’s date is 10-10-10! Maybe it’s a great day for gaining control of physical appetites, a day for moving forward and not back. If it is, we’d best be sure and capitalize on it while the day last because it will be a long time before 10-10-10 happens again. Some experts say it might be as long as 100 years from now.
Yesterday I found two new exercise challenges that would be perfect for the Biggest Loser TV show. One is called, “Carry your neighbors two-year-supply up 25 steps and into the moving truck” and the other is “Spend 6 hours in the mountains pushing over dead oak trees and then dragging them into four piles until they are the size of a small house.”
Both activities proved to be terrific workouts. My arms and legs were totally rubberized by the time I was done, and I get to do the tree-thing again on Monday. AWESOME!
I hope you’re all making headway with your quest for a better, healthier life. Please keep me posted on your progress as I need your example and encouragement.

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