Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boy Scouting:
A proclamation concerning the young men in America.

As Eagle Scouts United we wish to declare to the young men of America, that there is little you can do in your youth that will make you better prepared to be productive citizens and capable leaders than Boy Scouting. We further declare that your involvement in the Boy Scouts of America and specifically working to achieve the coveted rank of Eagle Scout will magnify your future as a student, husband, father and provider in untold ways. We declare such, as scouting has been a benefit to us, and has played an important roll in our own lives, and in all the good we have ever accomplished.

As Eagle Scouts United, we adamantly endorse and reaffirm that the fundamentals outlined in the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto have never been more needed in this country than they are now. We strongly recommend that all young men everywhere seek out this Oath, Law, and Motto through established scouting programs in your area and take them upon yourself as have we, and then strive to understand and live by those fundamentals for the rest of your life. If you do, we, with great confidence assure you that you will find purpose, patriotism, direction, leadership abilities, peace of mind, health and strength, and a love of God and for your fellow men, with a desire to serve Him and each other forever. In short, you will find true joy and lasting happiness.
As Eagle Scouts United, we admonish the parents, grandparents, clergy, coaches, teachers, and all mentors of scout-aged young men of all ethnic origins, to ensure an opportunity for them to participate in the Boy Scouting Program. We assure you that if you do, and if those young men will work and strive and learn to be worthy scouts, your efforts in relation to the well-being and proper upbringing of those young men will be greatly enhanced.

As Eagle Scouts United, we acknowledge with soberness that the world is changing. Time honored and tested values are shifting, degenerating faster than ever before. But we also solemnly proclaim that the young men of this great nation, if properly prepared, will be endowed with certain knowledge, powers, and abilities from on-high to grow up strong, faithful, and true, to sift through the moral darkness, find and take hold of basic, righteous principles, and proclaim them with dignity to the world.

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